Reviewing Instructional Strategies relevant to (US) Military Training Goals.

Research Paper Title

Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems.


In an effort to improve training efficiency ,the [US] military has focused much attention on the development of replicable and generalisable training systems.

As a result, a substantial number of companies and contractors have spent significant time and money developing a wide-array of simulators,virtual reality programmes, and the like.

However, many are designed without considering the effectiveness and efficiency of embedded instructional strategies.

In response, the current review argues for the creation of improved training systems through the incorporation of a repository of research-based instructional strategies that can be employed across the entire training cycle.

Using a grounded theory method, this review consolidates the vast literature on instructional strategies from the fields of education and the cognitive sciences into a coherent framework that can be used to enhance the design of military training systems.

In particular, this review is intended to provide a concise, organised, and practical framework for the selection and implementation of research-based instructional strategies relevant to military training goals.


Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems (Vogel-Walcutt et al., 2013)


Vogel-Walcutt, J.J., Fiorella, L. & Malone, N. (2013) Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems. Computers in Human Behavior. 29, pp.1490-1498.


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