Ferritin Levels: Iron Deficiency & Overload

Research Paper Title

Interpreting Raised Serum Ferritin Levels.


A 60 year old businessman attended his general practitioner after an insurance medical examination at which abnormal liver function tests had been noted (alanine aminotransferase 70 IU/L (normal range 10-40 IU/L) and γ-glutamyltransferase 120 IU/L (normal range 0-37 IU/L)). He was otherwise fit and well and not taking regular medication. His general practitioner noted that his full blood count and renal function were normal, and requested hepatitis B and C serology (which were negative) and serum ferritin level, which was 567 μg/L (normal range 24-300 μg/L).


Interpreting Raised Serum Ferritin Levels (Koperdanova & Cullis, 2015)


Koperdanova, . & Cullis, . (2015) Interpreting Raised Serum Ferritin Levels. British Medical Journal. BMJ 2015;351:h3692 doi: 10.1136/bmj.h3692 (Published 3 August 2015).


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