Reviewing Instructional Strategies relevant to (US) Military Training Goals.

Research Paper Title Instructional Strategies Framework for Military Training Systems. Abstract In an effort to improve training efficiency ,the [US] military has focused much attention on the development of replicable and generalisable training systems. As a result, a substantial number of companies and contractors have spent significant time and money developing a wide-array of simulators,virtual reality… Read More



Two new sections of the blog have been uploaded. DITS: The Defence Instructional Techniques Course overview; and DCTS: Defence Centre of Training Support. Both can be found under the main page heading of ‘Regulations and Qualifications’.

Military Training: Instruction & Quality

“Many complain that the Marines they are getting out of entry-level training lack physical fitness, have poor discipline, and are prone to personal issues. Besides the basic leadership issues presented here, I would present that the reason there is such a large disparity in the Marines coming from the schoolhouse is directly related to the… Read More