US Army: Self-Paced Learning & NCO Eduction

Research Paper Title NCO 2020: A Concept for Self-Paced Learning in the Noncommissioned Officer Education System Abstract For US Army non-commissioned officers (NCO’s), attendance at each level of professional military education (PME) is a training requirement for career progression. Essentially, NCOs are required to attend schools and demonstrate professional acumen and mastery of a broad set of military… Read More


Education & Training Technology in the [US] Military

Research Paper Title Education and Training Technology in the Military. Abstract The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has contributed to the development of various education and training technologies, two of which are computer-assisted instruction and simulation-based instruction. DOD investment in computer-assisted instruction has continued from the 1950s to the present. Its contributions have ranged from drill and… Read More

US Army: Changing Instructional System Design to Improve Training Product Delivery

Research Paper Title Changes in Instructional System Design (ISD): Improving Training Product Delivery to United States Army Soldiers. Background The purpose of this study was to identify methods that could speed up the instructional system design process used by the US Army up to this point. The current Army Instructional System Design process is the Systems Approach to… Read More

US Army: Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training

The Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT) project, instigated in 2013, was a two-year research effort seeking to produce a blueprint for mapping effective instructional techniques used in a live classroom setting to core enabling technologies, which may then be used for the design and development of engaging virtual and distributed learning (dL) applications. This research was funded by the… Read More

US Army Instructors to Army Facilitators – Practical Considerations

With the change from an instructor-centric to a learner centric pedagogical model, the role of the US Army instructor must also change from one of transmitting knowledge to learners to one of facilitating learners’ acquisition of knowledge through problem-solving events. To support this role change, the Army must also institute changes in the processes for identifying, selecting, and preparing instructors. This paper… Read More