The Cost & Aims of Foreign Students Receiving Military Training in the US?

The Number of Students In December 2019, 5,181 foreign students from 153 countries were receiving military training in the United States of America (USA). The Cost “In fiscal 2017-18 foreign governments splashed out $462.4m for American security training, and the American government chipped in another $39.8m.” The main exchange programme is the $115m International Military… Read More


US Army Psychological & Unconventional Warfare between 1941 & 1952

Title Psychological and Unconventional Warfare. 1941-1952: Origins of a “Special Warfare” Capability for the United States Army. Outline This study examines the United States Army’s activities in psychological and unconventional warfare during and after World War II to determine the impetus for, and origins of, the formal special warfare capability created in 1952 with the establishment of… Read More

US Army: Changing Instructional System Design to Improve Training Product Delivery

Research Paper Title Changes in Instructional System Design (ISD): Improving Training Product Delivery to United States Army Soldiers. Background The purpose of this study was to identify methods that could speed up the instructional system design process used by the US Army up to this point. The current Army Instructional System Design process is the Systems Approach to… Read More