Linking Knowledge, Confidence & Decisiveness…

“Knowledge increases confidence, together they increase decisiveness.” Unknown Advertisements


Linking Confidence, Mastery & Profession..

“Officers can never act with confidence until they are masters of their profession.” Major General Henry Knox (25 July 1750 to 25 October 1806) Continental Army, and later US Army, officer who also served as the first US Secretary of War from 1789 to 1794.

The Assessment Process & The Illusion of Validity

When assessing candidates for their potential to be officers in the Israeli Defence Forces, Daniel Kahneman (2011) coined the phrase ‘the illusion of validity’, which he states was his first cognitive fallacy. Daniel states: “I coined the term “illusion of validity” because the confidence we had in judgments about individual soldiers was not affected by… Read More

Military Officers: Confidence, Competence, Arrogance & Judgement

“Perhaps he had exceeded the measure of confidence that was innate to his nature. That was what ultimately separated the lesser officers from the best, Cato had come to learn. Confidence was the source of competence. Arrogance might also help a man, but it was a brittle quality and founded on delusion rather than good… Read More