Perfect Discipline…

“You cannot be disciplined in great things and undisciplined in small things. There is only one sort of discipline – perfect discipline. Discipline is based on:- Pride in the profession of arms. Meticulous attention to detail. Mutual Respect and Confidence. Discipline can only be obtained when leaders are as imbued with the sense of their… Read More


Obvious Discipline…

“It ought now to be obvious that the best type of discipline will evolve from the following circumstances: (1) When the leader knows the individuals who make up his group. (2) When the individuals who make up the group know the leader. (3) When the leader identifies himself with the group in every possible way.… Read More

Bolsheviks! The British Army, Discipline, and the Demobilisation Strikes of 1919

Research Paper Title “The British Soldier is no Bolshevik”: The British Army, Discipline, and the Demobilization Strikes of 1919. Background This article considers the breakdown in discipline in the British Army which occurred in Britain and on the Western Front during the process of demobilisation at the end of the First World War. Many soldiers,… Read More

Linking Perceived Inappropriate Workplace Relationships & Discipline Policy

Scenario A husband and wife, Army Sergeant and civilian respectively, break up after 18 years of marriage. This is due to the husband having a workplace fling with a female Private, both working in an operational unit. One week after splitting up the wife makes a complaint to her husband’s line manager. Should anyone be… Read More

Discipline, Courage & Strength…

“If you wish to feign confusion in order to lure the enemy on, you must first have perfect discipline; if you wish to display timidity in order to entrap the enemy, you must have extreme courage; if you wish to parade your weakness in order to make the enemy over-confident, you must have exceeding strength.”… Read More

Discipline is…

“Discipline is simply the art of making soldiers fear their officers more than the enemy.” Claude-Adrien Helvétius (1715 to 1771) A French philosopher, controversialist, and wealthy host to the Enlightenment group of French thinkers known as Philosophes. He is remembered for his hedonistic emphasis on physical sensation, his attack on the religious foundations of ethics,… Read More