Finding Medal Information: Living Vs Deceased Personnel

Introduction Did you know that if you wish to find information about an individual (such as medals awarded) – unless the individual died in Service – you are required to provide a copy of a death certificate as proof of death in recognition of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) duty of care to their next… Read More


A Brief Overview of Roman Military Decorations and Punishments

Introduction As with most other military forces the Roman military adopted an extensive list of decorations for military gallantry and likewise a range of punishments for military transgressions. Decorations, Awards, and Victory Titles Crowns Imperial Titles Synonyms for “Emperor” Victory Titles Victory titles were treated as Latin cognomina and were usually the name of the… Read More

What is a Service Medal?

Introduction A service medal is an award to individuals who participated in designated wars, campaigns, or expeditions, or who have fulfilled specific service requirements in a creditable manner. Service medals are sometimes also campaign medals. Examples of Service Medals United States Two of the service medals currently issued by the United States Armed Forces are… Read More

What is a Campaign Medal?

Introduction A campaign medal is a military decoration which is awarded to a member of an armed force who serves in a designated military operation or performs duty in a geographical theatre. Outline Campaign medals are very similar to service medals but carry a higher status as the award usually involves deployment to a foreign… Read More

What is Medal Inflation?

Introduction Medal inflation is a term used by the media particularly in the United States to describe the increase in the number of medals awarded to the armed forces in recent times and a perceived devaluing of medals because of this. It has been discussed since at least 1979 when a book was published relating… Read More

What are Military Awards and Decorations?

Introduction Military awards and decorations are distinctions given as a mark of honour for military heroism, meritorious or outstanding service or achievement. A decoration is often a medal consisting of a ribbon and a medallion. While the United States Government does not consider all its military awards and medals as being “decorations”, other countries tend… Read More