What were the 1947 Royal New Zealand Navy Mutinies?

Introduction During April 1947, the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) experienced a series of non-violent mutinies amongst the enlisted sailors of four ships and two shore bases. Over 20% of the RNZN’s enlisted personnel were punished or discharged for their involvement. The main cause was the poor rates of pay compared to the rest of… Read More


What is a Mutiny?

Introduction Mutiny is a revolt among a group of people (typically of a military or of a crew) to oppose, change, or overthrow an organisation to which they were previously loyal. The term is commonly used for a rebellion among members of the military against an internal force, but it can also sometimes mean any… Read More

Fail in his duty…

“On learning of the mutiny (Salerno, 1943), Field‐Marshal Montgomery said that although the Mutineers’ actions were quite inexcusable and could not be condoned in any way, ‘where soldiers get into trouble of this nature, it is nearly always the fault of some officer who has failed in his duty.’” J.M. Bereton, The British Soldier; A… Read More