What is a Generalissimo?

Introduction Generalissimo is a military rank of the highest degree, superior to field marshal and other five-star ranks in the states where they are used. Refer to Stars & Generals article and Admiralissimo. Usage The word generalissimo, an Italian term, is the absolute superlative of generale (‘general’) thus meaning “the highest-ranking of all generals”. The… Read More


Who was Douglas MacArthur?

Introduction Douglas MacArthur (26 January 1880 to 05 April 1964) was an American military leader who served as General of the Army for the United States, as well as a Field Marshal to the Philippine Army. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s, and he played a prominent role… Read More

Who was Paul von Hindenburg?

Introduction Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg (02 October 1847 to 02 August 1934) was a German general and statesman who led the Imperial German Army during World War I and later became President of Germany from 1925 until his death in 1934. During his presidency, he played a key role in… Read More

Who was Friedrich Paulus?

Introduction Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus (23 September 1890 to 01 February 1957) was a German field marshal during World War II who is best known for commanding the 6th Army during the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 to February 1943). The battle ended in disaster for the Wehrmacht when Soviet forces encircled the Germans within… Read More

Demand Achievement…

“One must demand the impossible to ensure that the impossible will be achieved.” Field Marshal Helmut von Moltke (1800 to 1891) Helmuth von Moltke, in full Helmuth Karl Bernhard, Count (graf) von Moltke, was Chief of the Prussian and German General Staff (1858–88) and the architect of the victories over Denmark (1864), Austria (1866), and… Read More

Personal Authority…

“The commander must establish personal and comradely contact with his men, but without giving away one inch of authority.” Blake Clark (1891 to 1944) Erwin Rommel, in full Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, byname the Desert Fox, German der Wüstenfuchs, was a German Field Marshal who became the most popular general at home and gained the… Read More

Determined or Useless…

“Determined leadership is vital throughout all echelons of command. Nowhere is it more important than in the higher ranks. Generals who become depressed when things are not going well, who lack the “drive” to get things done, and who lack the resolution, the robust mentality and the moral courage to see their plan through to… Read More