Projection of Personality…

“Leadership is that mixture of example, persuasion and compulsion which makes men do what you want them to do. I would say that it is a projection of personality. It is the most personal thing in the world, because it is just plain you.” Field Marshal Sir William Slim (1891 to 1970) William Slim, 1st… Read More


Can Your Eyes Give Away Your Personality?

Besides allowing us to perceive our surroundings, eye movements are also a window into our mind and a rich source of information on who we are, how we feel, and what we do. Psychologists have suspected that personality influences how we visually take in the world. Curious people tend to look around more and open-minded people… Read More

Member Retention: Make Sure You Employ the ‘Right’ Trainers

I recently published an article on churn management, which is the art of identifying the customers who are likely to churn from (leave) a company, and initiating proactive measures to retain them. One of those proactive measures, according to the Mindbody (a management software provider), should be employing the right trainers. Mindbody found that fitness… Read More

Rewards: Earned not Given…

I have a philosophy in life that rewards should be earned and not given, and the excerpt below brilliantly exemplifies that philosophy: There is a good story told, of one of Napoleon’s marshals, Lefebvre, the gallant old soldier who became Duke of Danzig. A civilian friend was once envying him his house and decorations and other awards. At… Read More

How Do You Say ‘Hello?’

Research Paper Title How Do You Say ‘Hello’? Personality Impressions from Brief Novel Voices. Background On hearing a novel voice, listeners readily form personality impressions of that speaker. Accurate or not, these impressions are known to affect subsequent interactions; yet the underlying psychological and acoustical bases remain poorly understood. Furthermore, hitherto studies have focussed on… Read More

“I’d Rather Have People Who Make Mistakes”

“Giving substance is something I’m a stickler for. A lot of people have their personality to thank for their careers, but often there’s not much behind it.” “There’s brilliance in everyone, but sometimes people are in the wrong job – often through self-promotion.” Kathryn Austin. HR Director, Dine-in Restaurants, Pizza Hut Source: People Management, March… Read More