Map that Hunger…

“The necessary limitations of map problems inhibit the student from considering the effects of hunger, emotion, personality, fatigue, leadership, and many other imponderable yet vital factors.” Lieutenant General George S. Patton Jr (1885 to 1945), speaking as a Major in 1931. George Patton, in full George Smith Patton, Jr., was a US Army officer who… Read More


Dutch Buy Haptic Navigational Aid for Soldiers

Dutch soldiers are being kitted out with a belt that allows them to sense the location of waypoints, providing hands-free directions. Haptic navigation tools, which guide the wearer through vibration, have been researched as possible aids for people with visual impairments, but are also of interest to the military. A firm called Elitac Wearables in… Read More

Top Tips to Make Your First Hiking Experience Memorable

You do not need to be an outdoor knife specialist or any hiking-guru to be able to make your way through the challenging terrain that you may encounter during your first hiking experience. The goal is to remember the essentials and forget the worries of the hustle and bustle of our busy lifestyles. With this… Read More

How to Estimate Distance Travelled

Introduction Land navigation is an important skill, especially for the military. The skill of navigation is inculcated from the start, beginning with recruit training, aka boot camp, and annual training. There are many aspects to navigation, but an important one is to know how far you have travelled from your last known position. This can… Read More

Map Reading: Cognitive Load & Route Selection

Research Paper Title Cognitive Load During Route Selection Increases Reliance on Spatial Heuristics. Background Planning routes from maps involves perceiving the symbolic environment, identifying alternative routes, and applying explicit strategies and implicit heuristics to select an option. Two implicit heuristics have received considerable attention, the southern route preference and initial segment strategy. Methods The current… Read More

Genuine World War I Compass

A genuine compass from World War I brought in by one of my wife’s patient’s at her GP practice, being held by my eldest son. The patient, a collector of military memorabilia, brought it in knowing my son and I are interested in military history. It was a privilege to view this piece, and also… Read More