Generals: Venezuela vs the USA

Which country has more generals, Venezuela or the United States of America (USA)? Venezuela has more than 2,000 generals whilst the USA has just under 900 (The Economist, 2017, p.32). Venezuela has approximately 115,000 active personnel whilst the USA has approximately 1.3 million active personnel. Reference The Economist (2017) It’s Up To The Army. The… Read More


Government Leadership: Retired Military Officers versus Lawyers, Scientists, Activists & Professional Politicians

So, this article was published on Linkedin on 08 December but I have only just read it. Written by Bob Ulin, Transition & Executive Coach, and Chairman & CEO, Center for Transitional Leadership, Inc. “A recent article in POLITICO noted “(General) Kelly’s military background raises interesting questions for his leadership of the department, said one… Read More

CHAOS Stand For…

CHAOS Chief Has Arrived On Scene (USCG/Fire Department adaptation to Army usage) Colonel Has Another Outstanding Suggestion Colonel Has Arrived On-Scene (Disaster Control Response) Creates Havoc Around Our Systems There are a number of other acronyms, but the above are related to the military.

Tactics & Strategy: Know the Difference

Know the difference between tactics and strategy. In simple terms tactics are short-term actions that bring a benefit; strategy is broader and about putting yourself in a better overall position, even if there is nothing to be gained immediately. The best commanders in the military and life are good at both. Points to note You… Read More

The Suit Does Not Make the Man…

“Let no man be so rash as to suppose that, in donning a general’s uniform, he is forthwith competent to perform a general’s functions; as reasonably might he assume that in putting on the robes of a judge he was ready to decide any point of law. . .” Dennis Hart Mahan, 1864 (in Dupuy,… Read More