What is a Tooth-to-Tail Ratio?

Introduction The tooth-to-tail ratio (T3R), in military jargon, is the amount of military personnel it takes to supply and support (“tail”) each combat soldier (“tooth”). While both “tooth” and “tail” soldiers may find themselves in combat or other life-threatening situations, “tooth” soldiers are those whose primary function is to engage in combat. What is It?… Read More


What is a Staging Area?

Introduction A staging area (otherwise staging point, staging base, or staging post) is a location where organisms, people, vehicles, equipment, or material are assembled before use. Outline A staging area may refer to: In construction, a designated area where vehicles, supplies, and construction equipment are positioned for access and use to a construction site. In… Read More

What is Military Logistics?

Introduction Military logistics is the discipline of planning and carrying out the movement, supply, and maintenance of military forces. Outline In its most comprehensive sense, it is those aspects or military operations that deal with: Design, development, acquisition, storage, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materiel. Transport of personnel. Acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation, and… Read More

Transported Suffering…

“How much the Soviet people suffered can be expressed very simply. At the end of 1941, after only six months of war, the following losses had been suffered: half the Soviet population was under German occupation a third of the nation’s industrial plant was in German hands iron and steel production had dropped by 60… Read More

Stores & Tactics…

“The general must know how to get his men their rations and every other kind of stores needed for war. He must have imagination to originate plans- practical sense and energy to carry them through. He must be: observant, untiring, shrewd, kindly and cruel, simple, and crafty, a watchman and a robber, lavish and miserly,… Read More

The Military Value of Maps…

“When general william sherman was ordered to strike at the heart of the Confederacy during America’s civil war, he first asked for a map of Georgia and Alabama. The document he received, coloured like a patchwork quilt, was like none produced before it. Officials had annotated it county by county with data from the 1860… Read More