What is the Logistic Support Operating Centre (UK)?

Introduction The Logistic Support Operating Centre (LSOC) was recently formed by merging the Logistics Delivery Operating Centre (LDOC) with the Support Operating Centre. The new LSOC sits with the Strategic Enablers Domain within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), a part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). What Does LSOC Do? LSOC is the functional lead… Read More


Why is America a Military Superpower? Logistics is the Answer

Introduction Very few armies will ever be able to lay claim to be the world’s strongest military. The United States (US) military has always led the charge (at least since WW2) in this respect, and it remains as one of – if not the most – effective militaries in the world. But, what exactly does… Read More

What is a Tooth-to-Tail Ratio?

Introduction The tooth-to-tail ratio (T3R), in military jargon, is the amount of military personnel it takes to supply and support (“tail”) each combat soldier (“tooth”). While both “tooth” and “tail” soldiers may find themselves in combat or other life-threatening situations, “tooth” soldiers are those whose primary function is to engage in combat. What is It?… Read More

3D Printing for Military Applications

Although the US Army has been dabbling in 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) for some time, a prototype printer, commissioned from 3D Systems in South Carolina for $15 million by the US Army, can create objects up to a volume of 1 by 1 by 0.6 metres. The giant, high-speed 3D printer which is producing… Read More

What is the NATO Codification System?

The NATO codification system is used by the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF. All Items of supply going through the military supply chain must be NATO codified. A 13-digit NATO stock number (NSN) is allocated to an item which is used to identify it throughout the supply chain. NSNs are catalogued on the ISIS database. Codification… Read More

What is the UK National Codification Bureau (UKNCB)?

The UK National Codification Bureau (UKNCB) logs every item used by the three Services. Codification creates a detailed catalogue of everything our Armed Forces use on a daily basis – not just weapons systems and hardware, but spares, clothing, medical items, food and anything else the Services need to operate effectively. Technical descriptions of every item are stored on a… Read More