What is the Logistic Support Operating Centre (UK)?


The Logistic Support Operating Centre (LSOC) was recently formed by merging the Logistics Delivery Operating Centre (LDOC) with the Support Operating Centre.

The new LSOC sits with the Strategic Enablers Domain within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), a part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

What Does LSOC Do?

LSOC is the functional lead for DE&S logistics and support activity, leading the iLog function to provide continually developing and skilled people to delivery operating centres.

The LSOC covers the following programme areas:

  • Postal and Courier Service.
    • The British Forces Post Office is the organisation dedicated to providing postal and courier services to the UK Armed Forces.
    • They deliver both personal and office mail to over 650 locations around the globe.
  • Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA).
    • The sole authority within the MOD for the sale of surplus equipment and inventory from the UK Armed Forces.
  • Storage Distribution and Freight.
    • The Commissioning and Managing Organisation (CMO) is the MOD’s main point of entry to the Logistics and Commodities Transformation (LCST) contract with Team Leidos.
  • Fuels.
    • Defence Fuel Acquisition Programme (DFAP).
  • Commodities Support Services.
    • The CMO is the MOD’s main point of entry to the LCST contract with Team Leidos.
  • Logistics and Support.
    • Transforming the materiel supply chain at lower cost and higher performance to deliver the needs of the UK Armed Forces.
  • Support Chain Services.
    • Defines and designs Defence support processes and standards; enables support performance measurement and provides support chain shared services that underpin effective decision making and enable customer-driven continuous improvement.

The Strategic Supplier Management Team (SSMT) is no longer part of DE&S, forming part of MOD Commercial.

  • It is the focal point for the provision of advice and guidance to companies interested in becoming defence suppliers.
  • Its staff can explain how to become a UK defence supplier and some of the processes and procedures that the MOD uses to buy a wide variety of goods and services.
  • The DSS advises companies of all sizes, from both the UK and overseas, and the vast majority of the 2000 or so enquiries it receives each year are from SMEs.

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