What is the Cost & Location of the UK’s Overseas Military Bases?


The UK maintains a range of UK overseas bases which provide a variety of functions for the military personnel and assets that are located there or transit through.

Military Base Bahrain (1)

Bases by Location and Cost

  • Belize: £1.4m.
  • Oman: £3.5m.
  • Bahrain: £4.2m.
  • Brunei: -£0.3m.
  • Cyprus: £80.0m.
  • Qatar: £2.6m.
  • Singapore: £1.2m.
  • Chagos Islands: £3.4m (the annual running cost for the British Indian Ocean Territory).
  • Kenya: £9.3m.
  • Canada: £27.9m.
  • UAE: £7.7m.
  • Falklands Islands: £23.3m.
  • Ascension Islands: £5.5m.
  • Gibraltar: £19.7m.


  • All the costs provided are for financial year 2018/2019 and include Hard and Soft Facilities Management, Rent rates, Utilities and Communication costs.
  • All figures have been rounded to one decimal place.
  • The costs provided are net of any income received from third parties in occupation.
  • Budgets are not available as they are not set at operational base level.
  • The cost relating to Brunei is negative as some costs are paid for by the Kingdom of Brunei, but income is received from third parties in occupation.


FOI 2020/00051 dated 29 January 2020.


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