The Typical Staff Officer…

“The typical staff officer is the man past middle life, spare, unwrinkled, intelligent, cold, passive, non-committal; with eyes like a cod-fish, polite in contact but at the same time unresponsive, cool, calm and as damnably composed as a concrete post or a plaster-of-Paris cast; a human petrifaction with a heart of feldspar and without charm… Read More


Personal Contact…

“What troops and subordinate commanders appreciate is that a general should be constantly in personal contact with them, and should but see everything simply through the eyes of his staff.” Field Marshal A.P. Wavell (1953) Soldiers and Soldiering. London: Jonathan Cape.

What is the Number of 1-Star Posts under Commander Field Army?

In 2015, the British Army had four 3-star (OF-8) posts within Army Command: Deputy Chief of the General Staff (DCGS). Commander Field Army (CFA). Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). Commander Personnel Support Command (PSC). The CFA had four 1-star (OF-6) posts within their span of control: Assistant Chief of Staff Commitments (ACOSC). Assistant Chief… Read More

Planning & Branches…

“Every plan of campaign ought to have several branches and to have been so well thought out that one or other of the said branches cannot fail of success.” Pierre-Joseph de Bourcet (1700-1780) A French engineer and artillery officer who has been credited with initiating the use of the all-arms division as a tactical formation… Read More

Potatoes & Staff Officers…

“Without a staff, an army could not peel a potato.” Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett (21 March 1857 to 30 December 1935) A US Army General with 42 years of service spanning the period from the Indian campaigns to World War I.

Plans: OK Plan versus No Plan

“The main thing is always to have a plan; if it is not the best plan, it is at least better than no plan at all!” General Sir John Monash (1865 to 1931, Australian Army General during World War I), attributed to a letter written in 1918. References Australian War Museum (2016) 1918: Australians in France… Read More