What is a Commanding Officer?

Introduction The commanding officer (CO) or sometimes, if the incumbent is a general officer, commanding general (CG), is the officer in command of a military unit. The CO has ultimate authority over the unit, and is usually given wide latitude to run the unit as they see fit, within the bounds of military law. In… Read More


Who was Kwon Ki-ok?

Introduction Kwon Ki-ok (11 January 1901 to 19 April 1988), or Quan Jiyu in Chinese, was the first Korean female aviator, as well as one of the first female pilots in China. She went in exile in China during the Japanese occupation of Korea, and became a lieutenant colonel in the Republic of China Air… Read More

Who was Charles Merritt?

Introduction Charles Cecil Ingersoll Merritt VC, ED (10 November 1908 to 12 July 2000) was a Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross and Member of Parliament. Early Life Merritt was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on 10 November 1908, the son of Captain Cecil Mack Merritt, who was killed in the Second Battle of Ypres,… Read More

Who was Oliver North?

Introduction Oliver Laurence North (born 07 October 1943) is an American political commentator, television host, military historian, author, and retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel. A veteran of the Vietnam War, North was a National Security Council staff member during the Iran-Contra affair , a political scandal of the late 1980s. It involved the… Read More

Who was Robert G. Cole?

Introduction Lieutenant Colonel Robert George Cole (19 March 1915 to 18 September 1944) was an American soldier who received the Medal of Honour for his actions in the days following the D-Day Normandy invasion of World War II. Early US Army Career Robert G. Cole was born at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, Texas,… Read More

Who was Herbert Jones?

Introduction Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Jones, VC, OBE (14 May 1940 to 28 May 1982), known as H. Jones, was a British Army officer and posthumous recipient of the Victoria Cross (VC). He was awarded the VC after being killed in action during the Battle of Goose Green for his actions as commanding officer of the… Read More

What was the Doolittle Raid (1942)?

Introduction The Doolittle Raid, also known as the Tokyo Raid, was an air raid on 18 April 1942 by the United States on the Japanese capital Tokyo and other places on Honshu during World War II. It was the first air operation to strike the Japanese archipelago. It demonstrated that the Japanese mainland was vulnerable… Read More