What is the Number of 1-Star Posts under Commander Field Army?

In 2015, the British Army had four 3-star (OF-8) posts within Army Command: Deputy Chief of the General Staff (DCGS). Commander Field Army (CFA). Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). Commander Personnel Support Command (PSC). The CFA had four 1-star (OF-6) posts within their span of control: Assistant Chief of Staff Commitments (ACOSC). Assistant Chief… Read More


Planning & Branches…

“Every plan of campaign ought to have several branches and to have been so well thought out that one or other of the said branches cannot fail of success.” Pierre-Joseph de Bourcet (1700-1780) A French engineer and artillery officer who has been credited with initiating the use of the all-arms division as a tactical formation… Read More

Potatoes & Staff Officers…

“Without a staff, an army could not peel a potato.” Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett (21 March 1857 to 30 December 1935) A US Army General with 42 years of service spanning the period from the Indian campaigns to World War I.

Plans: OK Plan versus No Plan

“The main thing is always to have a plan; if it is not the best plan, it is at least better than no plan at all!” General Sir John Monash (1865 to 1931, Australian Army General during World War I), attributed to a letter written in 1918. References Australian War Museum (2016) 1918: Australians in France… Read More

Linking the Will to Prepare & the Will to Win

The Quotes “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital!” Attributed to Joe Paterno. “The Will to Prepare Is as Important as the Will to Win” Patrick Allan (2015) quoting Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K). “The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to… Read More

Qualities of an Ideal Staff Officer…

“An ideal General Staff Corps officer might be described as possessing the following qualities: sincerity of conviction, cleverness, modesty, self-effacement in favour of the common cause, and strong personal convictions combined with the ability tactfully to present these convictions to his commanding general. If his opinions were not accepted he must be sufficiently master of… Read More

Military Tradition vs Evolution…

“‘The younger men, in opposition to the older, believed that there was no time to be lost; the representatives of tradition wanted, and so far as they were able to do insisted, on a slow and gradual evolution.” (Guderian, 1990, 459). Heinz Guderian, a World War I junior officer and World War II General. Creator, trainer… Read More