Qualities of an Ideal Staff Officer…

“An ideal General Staff Corps officer might be described as possessing the following qualities: sincerity of conviction, cleverness, modesty, self-effacement in favour of the common cause, and strong personal convictions combined with the ability tactfully to present these convictions to his commanding general.

If his opinions were not accepted he must be sufficiently master of himself loyally to carry out his commander’s decisions and to act at all times in accordance with his wishes.

He must fully understand and feel for the needs of the troops and he must be inexhaustible in his efforts to help them.” (Guderian, 1990, 459).

Heinz Guderian, a World War I junior officer and World War II General. Creator, trainer and leader of Germany’s armoured forces during the Second World War.


Guderian, H. & Fitzgibbon, C. (trans) (1990) Panzer Leader. London: Arrow Books Limited.


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