A Fighting General Who Understood Men…

“How many commanders have we produced who, like General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien, could stand alone wrapped in a British Warm at a cross-roads to watch a brigade of infantry go by? It may have looked like wasted time to the staff but his sole question to a passing young company commander (who did not realize… Read More


What is the Mental Health Service Utilisation & Perceived Barriers to Receiving Care in Deployed Soldiers?

Research Paper Title Mental Health Service Utilization and Perceived Barriers to Receiving Care in Deployed Soldiers. Background Scant research has examined mental health treatment utilisation and barriers to care in deployed US soldiers. This study aims to assess mental health treatment utilisation in deployed soldiers, including providers used and barriers to care. Methods US Army… Read More

Does Improvement of Soldier Physical Fitness Prior to BCT Improve Soldiers’ Psychological Health Outcomes?

Research Paper Title Physical Fitness and Depressive Symptoms during Army Basic Combat Training Introduction Mental health-related problems are a significant cause of attrition during Basic Combat Training (BCT). Evidence in civilian populations suggests that physical fitness is associated with psychological benefits in civilians, but little is known about the association between physical fitness and psychological… Read More

AFSOC Special Operators: Resonance Frequency & Treating PTSD

Research Paper Title Resonance Frequency Breathing Biofeedback to Reduce Symptoms of Subthreshold PTSD with an Air Force Special Tactics Operator: A Case Study. Background The prevalence rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been estimated to be several times higher in military populations compared to the national average. Special Tactics operators are a group that… Read More

Reviewing the Physiological & Psychological Health & Wellbeing of Naval Personnel

Research Paper Title A review of the physiological and psychological health and wellbeing of naval service personnel and the modalities used for monitoring. Abstract Naval cohorts rely heavily on personnel to ensure the efficient running of naval organisations. As such, the wellbeing of personnel is essential. In an occupational setting, naval service personnel experience a… Read More

Understanding the Occurrence & Nature of Violence in the Military

Research Paper Title At Risk for Violence in the Military. Abstract Understanding the occurrence and nature of violence in the military entails appreciating: Military culture; The sociology and demographics of its personnel; Military training; Combat experiences; and Injuries and illnesses that veterans suffer. The military is grounded in the principles and practice of conducting violent… Read More

Reintegration for Service Members & their Families can be a Challenge

Research Paper Title The Challenges of Reintegration for Service Members and their Families. Background The ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have posed a number of reintegration challenges to service members. Much of the research focuses on those service members experiencing psychological problems and being treated at the VA. In this article, The researchers contend… Read More