Who was David Niven?

Introduction James David Graham Niven (01 March 1910 to 29 July 1983) was an English actor, memoirist and novelist. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance as Major Pollock in Separate Tables (1958). Other noted roles included Squadron Leader Peter Carter in A Matter of Life and Death, Phileas Fogg in… Read More


What is Conduct Unbecoming?

Introduction Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (or conduct unbecoming for short) is an offense that is subject to court martial in the armed forces of some nations. Use in the United Kingdom The phrase was used as a charge in courts martial of the British Armed Forces in the 18th and early 19th… Read More

What are Temporary Gentlemen?

Introduction Temporary gentlemen (sometimes abbreviated to TG) is a colloquial term referring to officers of the British Army who held temporary (or war-duration) commissions, particularly when such men came from outside the traditional “officer class”. Historically the officers of the British Army were drawn from the gentry and upper middle classes and the expensive uniforms… Read More

Expected Standard…

“An officer is expected and required to present a smart appearance, and to maintain his clothing and equipment in a clean, neat, and serviceable condition. He must conform strictly to regulations, so that he may establish the standard for the enlisted men of his organization. His carriage should be upright, and he should show life… Read More

Dignified in Conduct…

“An officer should, at all times, be dignified in his conduct. Dignity is nothing more than the avoidance of coarse behaviour. It requires the control of one’s emotions. To be profane, boisterous, or “loud‐mouthed” is to be coarse. An officer who makes a spectacle of himself by being loud, or by losing his temper on… Read More

Inner Qualities…

“Neither bars nor stars make an officer. An individual becomes an officer only when he develops those inner qualities of honesty, self-sacrifice, and attention to duty that are always inherent to real leadership.” Lieutenant General Samuel D. Sturgis Jr. (1897 to 1964) Samuel Davis Sturgis Jr. was a senior officer of the United States Army… Read More

Demand Responsibility…

“Modern leadership demands officers who can accept challenge with initiative, originality, fidelity, understanding, and, above all, the willingness to fully assume the responsibilities of command.” General Bruce C. Clarke (1901 to 1988) Bruce Cooper Clarke was a United States Army general. He was a career officer who served in World War I, World War II,… Read More