A Safe Haven to Weakness…

“The loneliness of command can also reveal a more ingrained, deep-rooted weakness in soldiers’ make-up. Psychologists such as Prof. N. Dixon suggest that the military offers a safe haven to individuals prone to anxieties such as fear of failure, need for approval and deafness to unpalatable information. Not until the position of ultimate responsibility is… Read More


Main Factor of Cohesion…

“Certainly a main factor in the cohesion of the primary group in the German Army, namely the company, was the sense of responsibility, performance of duty, and willingness to take combat risks demonstrated by German officers. The data on the readiness of the officers and upper classes to die in battle support this assertion. The… Read More

Professional Military Leadership…

“Effective, professional military leadership requires that certain standards of officer behaviour be met. Officers’ attitudes, actions, and abilities contribute to the formation of unit integrity. At a very minimum, these standards do not permit soldiers to be ‘used’ in pursuit of an officer’s career.” Richard A. Gabriel and Paul L. Savage (1978) Crisis in Command:… Read More

Fail in his duty…

“On learning of the mutiny (Salerno, 1943), Field‐Marshal Montgomery said that although the Mutineers’ actions were quite inexcusable and could not be condoned in any way, ‘where soldiers get into trouble of this nature, it is nearly always the fault of some officer who has failed in his duty.’” J.M. Bereton, The British Soldier; A… Read More

What is the Retirement Age 55 Scheme (RA55)?

2014DIN01-109 introduced a policy of targeted re-alignment of retirement age to 55 (RA55) for those officers serving under pre-3 Tier Commission (3TC) terms and conditions in some specialisations of the Naval Service Officer Corps. Along with the Commission Extension 60 Scheme (CE60), these two schemes were introduced to address forecast manning deficits in the Royal… Read More

8 Top Tips for Ending Your (University) Personal Statement

For those seeking a career as an officer in the armed forces, university can be a very important stepping stone on that journey. Personal statements for university are an important tool for admissions teams to learn about, and understand, you – and why you want to enter university. As much as your whole personal statement… Read More