In Partnership: CIMSPA & the RAF School of PT

In October 2018, the Royal Air Force (RAF) School of Physical Training joined the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) as a skills development partner. Consequently, the RAF has aligned its leading physical training to CIMSPA professional standards. The RAF believes the provision of Physical Education (PEd) by its Physical… Read More


How to be a ‘Good’ Boot Camp Instructor?

I think this is a difficult question to answer due to the fact that the term ‘Boot Camp’ means different things to different people. However, not one to shy away from an academic argument, I would say that the following links provide a good starting point: Page: Must Haves and Red Flags; Page: Principles of Good Instruction;… Read More

Top 10 Traits of Highly Effective Group Fitness Instructors

By Shannon Fable (a USA Veteran Fitness Instructor): “Knowing how to make an impact as a Group Fitness instructor (GFI) is sometimes a misunderstood art. Most of us become GFIs because we LOVE exercising in groups. […] To increase your opportunity to make the biggest impact on the widest variety of participants, consider these 10 important… Read More