United States Marine Corps Birthday

Introduction The United States Marine Corps Birthday is celebrated every year on 10 November with a traditional ball and cake-cutting ceremony. On that day in 1775, the Continental Marines were established. Historical Birthday The official birthday of the United States Marine Corps is on 10 November 1775. That was the day when the Second Continental… Read More


Making Good Instructors Great: USMC Cognitive Readiness & Instructor Professionalisation Initiatives

After a decade of waging unconventional conflicts, Defence stakeholders now generally accept that the US military has entered a new era of warfare, distinguished from previous generations by its prevalence of insurgent and terrorist tactics, frequency of non-kinetic tactical dilemmas, complexity of the sociocultural context, and emphasis on operational decentralization. To excel under such conditions, each war-fighter (down… Read More

7 Tips for Successfully Completing Boot Camp, or Any Intense Training Experience, Courtesy of WWII Marines

Marcus Brotherton (Art of Manliness website) suggests there are seven tips for successfully completing boot camp, or any other intense training experience which are: Expect immediate, difficult change Never complain Never fight the man who trains you Pace yourself Don’t be a “grab-ass” Learn rules quickly, follow them explicitly Respect the leader with the low… Read More

Why American Marines Are Turning Into Soldiers

An article by James Dunnigan from StrategyPage.com: The U.S. Marine Corps is again fighting, not for its existence but for the current number of marines on active duty. It works like this. The U.S. Army, facing growing budget cuts, is talking about reducing its active duty strength to 420,000 by the end of the decade.… Read More

US Military Considers Separate Combat Training for Men &Women

Rowan Scarborough, in an article in the Washington Times, tells us that “the military is looking at ways to modify its training for women to help them qualify for direct ground combat roles in the infantry, tank units and special operations. Senior officers revealed the new effort this week at a hearing of the House Armed… Read More

3 Women Have, Finally, Passed the Enlisted USMC Infantry Course

An article in the Washington Post reveals that, in November 2013, three women passed the United States Marine Corps (USMC) enlisted infantry course. However, women will still not be allowed to serve in the infantry and USMC leaders state they require another two years of study to determine if it is feasible for women to… Read More

USMC: 11 Leadership Principles

11 principles form the foundation of leadership in the United States Marine Corps. The principles are: Be technically and tactically proficient; Know yourself and seek self-improvement; Know your marines and look out for their welfare; Keep your marines informed; Set the example; Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished; Train your marines as a… Read More