Key Benefits of Boot Camp Fitness Training

Military-style or boot camp training emerged as early as the mid-1980’s but really took off as a type of fitness regime in the 1990’s. The discipline focuses on bodyweight training, as well as partner work and cardiovascular moves, but also requires intense mental focus. With this in mind, you can expect the following benefits when you engage in boot camp fitness training.… Read More


The History of Fitness…

Ever wondered about the history of fitness? If the answer is yes then follow this link to an article written by Lance C. Dalleck, M.S. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D. which describes: Primitive man and fitness (pre-10,000 B.C) The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution (10,000-8,000 B.C.) Ancient civilizations – China and India (2500-250 B.C.) The Near East (4000-250 B.C.)… Read More

Business Strategies for Boot Camp Owners: Getting Started

The first in a three-part series helps you decide whether starting a boot camp business will be a boon or a bust. This series is written by Cat Smiley, the first entrant in the Canadian fitness boot camp market, who owns and operates The Original Boot Camp, Canada’s first and longest-running fitness boot camp franchise. Part… Read More

7 Tips for Successfully Completing Boot Camp, or Any Intense Training Experience, Courtesy of WWII Marines

Marcus Brotherton (Art of Manliness website) suggests there are seven tips for successfully completing boot camp, or any other intense training experience which are: Expect immediate, difficult change Never complain Never fight the man who trains you Pace yourself Don’t be a “grab-ass” Learn rules quickly, follow them explicitly Respect the leader with the low… Read More

Think You Know The History of Fitness?

Article Title The History of Fitness Introduction As we enter the 21st century, one of the greatest accomplishments to be celebrated is the continuous pursuit of fitness since the beginning of man’s existence. Throughout prehistoric time, man’s quest for fitness has been driven by a desire to survive through hunting and gathering. Today, though no… Read More