Key Benefits of Boot Camp Fitness Training

Military-style or boot camp training emerged as early as the mid-1980’s but really took off as a type of fitness regime in the 1990’s.

The discipline focuses on bodyweight training, as well as partner work and cardiovascular moves, but also requires intense mental focus.

With this in mind, you can expect the following benefits when you engage in boot camp fitness training.

1. It Starts You on the Road to Fitness

For people who are not currently into any form of fitness or exercise regimen, getting started on a military-style programme is an excellent option.

However, prepare to get your physical and mental limits tested and pushed once you start attending your local boot camp.   

2. It Increases Muscle Endurance

Triathletes and people who elect to only do one or two of the three activities – that is, swim, bike, or run – can become too focused on intense cardio training and hit a plateau.

For some, the reason why they are unable to hit new personal records (PR’s) is that they may not engage in enough muscular work.

Participating in military-style fitness training improves stamina as you are pushed to go beyond your limits and exercise even when fatigued.

3. It Improves Mental Focus and Strength

When you are in boot camp, there is no such thing as a comfort zone.

If you have a good, competent instructor and follow instructions carefully, you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone constantly.

In fact, after attending a full boot camp training programme, you may find “regular” gym work a bit too tame.

What you can do is to keep pushing yourself harder than you normally would.

4. It Teaches You to be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Military-style training is known for being tough and challenging.

It is not for the faint-hearted and suits those who do not mind getting down and dirty to benefit from the training.

It is not about looking good (although you may), but more about feeling good about yourself and knowing how strong you are.

5. It Improves Fitness

Military-style training is focused on utilising bodyweight circuits and cardiovascular workouts, which build stamina.

Combined with a healthy eating plan, boot camp training is designed to increase your fitness level and turn you into a healthier, stronger version of your old self.

Know the Limits

Boot camp fitness training is an excellent way to instil discipline, build endurance, and develop mental strength.

Much like CrossFit (but minus the equipment), it challenges various muscle groups and requires intense concentration.

However, if your overall objective is to attain a fitness model-style figure, military-style training may not give you the results you want. Rather, it should form part of your fitness training mix.


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