Business Strategies for Boot Camp Owners: Getting Started

CatSmiley_TheBootCampWorkout_2ed_2005The first in a three-part series helps you decide whether starting a boot camp business will be a boon or a bust.

This series is written by Cat Smiley, the first entrant in the Canadian fitness boot camp market, who owns and operates The Original Boot Camp, Canada’s first and longest-running fitness boot camp franchise.

  • Part 1 (November 2011): Three fundamentals of getting into the boot camp business, describing how she started the first fitness boot camp in Canada and discusses how you can start planning your own boot camp.
  • Part 2 (March 2012): Organising yourself for launch. How to make your boot camp one-of-a-kind, finding the perfect location, understanding local demographics, defining your class schedule and successfully presenting your product to the public.
  • Part 3 (May 2012): Cost-effective strategies. How to keep your customers coming back for more while keeping your boot camp profitable.


Smiley, C. (2011) Business Strategies for Boot Camp Owners: Getting Started. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 18 March, 2014].


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