Military Mnemonics

Below is a selection of useful and plainly amusing military mnemonics: F.B.I.D.nm Full / Brief / Individual / Delayed R.S.V.P. Rhythm, Speed, Volume & Pitch C.L.A.P. Clear, Loud, As an Order & and with Pauses C.L.A.S.S.I.C. Covert Local Area Sensing System for Intruder Classification T.O.B.I.A.S. Territorial Observation By Intruder Alarm System G.R.I.T. Group, Range, Indication… Read More


British Army PTI Words of Command

The basic words of command for British Army PTIs for circuit training are: In position … ready Exercise … begin Steady … halt One place … change In the British Army PTIs give cautionary word(s) of command followed, after a short pause, by execution word(s) of command. In simple terms, cautionary word(s) means I am… Read More