British Army PTI Words of Command

The basic words of command for British Army PTIs for circuit training are:

  1. In position … ready
  2. Exercise … begin
  3. Steady … halt
  4. One place … change

In the British Army PTIs give cautionary word(s) of command followed, after a short pause, by execution word(s) of command. In simple terms, cautionary word(s) means I am warning you of what I want you to do and the execution word(s) means do it now.

When PTIs conduct loaded or speed marches they, should, adopt the terminology used for marching drill.

  • By the front (or left, or right) … quick march/double march
  • Breaking into double time/quick time … double march/quick march
  • Squad … squad halt

In simple terms, double time/march is running pace and quick time/march is walking pace.


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