Bias & Decision-Making: Soo Stoopid

“In the end, no one is immune to the biases that lead to stupid decisions. Yet our reverence for IQ and education means that it is easy to rest on the laurels of our qualifications and assume that we are, by definition, not stupid. Most researchers agree that, overall, the correlation between intelligence and successful… Read More


Do Military Personnel with PTSD have Cognitive Biases Compared to those without PTSD?

Research Paper Title Cognitive biases in military personnel with and without PTSD: a systematic review. Background Some cognitive biases, such as excessive attention to threat, are associated with PTSD. However, they may be adaptive for military personnel; attending to threat may improve safety for deployed personnel. Therefore, the aim of this study was to discover… Read More

Training & Cognitive Bias: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Training Induces Cognitive Bias: The Case of a Simulation-Based Emergency Airway Curriculum. Introduction Training-induced cognitive bias may affect performance. Using a simulation-based emergency airway curriculum, we tested the hypothesis that curriculum design would induce bias and affect decision making. Methods Twenty-three novice anesthesiology residents were randomized into 2 groups. The primary outcome measure was the initiation… Read More