What Are the Warning Signs & Symptoms of an Injury?

Do You Know the Signs of an Injury? Most fitness-related injuries have certain warning signs and symptoms that go beyond those that accompany daily wear and tear. It is, therefore, important for any active individual to always be evaluating their aches and pains, looking for symptoms that indicate more serious problems. Generally, symptoms include bruising… Read More


Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review

Research Paper Title Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review. Abstract This article is a literature review of the aspects of military parachuting related to occupational medicine and focuses on ‘conventional’ military static line parachuting using a round parachute. The analysis of injuries resulting from military parachuting provide an excellent example of military occupational medicine practice. The techniques of military… Read More

Infantry Soldiers & Incidence of Injury

Research Paper Title The Incidence of Injury in Light Infantry Soldiers. background US Army soldiers lose substantial training hours as a result of musculoskeletal injuries. Most military injury data have focused on basic trainee populations. This study examined activities associated with injuries in operational infantry soldiers. Methods The researchers conducted a randomised, retrospective medical record… Read More

Progessive Training Reduces Stress Fractures

Research Paper Title Stress Fractures in Royal Marine Recruits. Abstract Data are presented on stress fracture patterns at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM). To reduce the high number of training injuries, including stress fractures, a complete review of the training syllabus was undertaken. Following recommendations from this review, a newly designed, physiologically progressive… Read More