Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review

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Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review.


This article is a literature review of the aspects of military parachuting related to occupational medicine and focuses on ‘conventional’ military static line parachuting using a round parachute. The analysis of injuries resulting from military parachuting provide an excellent example of military occupational medicine practice. The techniques of military parachuting are described in order to illustrate the potential mechanisms of injury, and a number of ‘classical’ parachuting Injuries are described. Finally some recommendations are made for the recording of parachute injuries which
would assist in the international comparison of injury rates and anatomical distribution.


Military Parachuting Injuries, A Literature Review (Bricknell, 1999)


Bricknell, M.C.M. & Craig, S.C. (1999) Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review. Occupational Medicine. 49(1), pp.17-26.


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