What to Expect from Flight Mission Training Centres in the Royal Air Force

Attending a flight mission training centre soon? If you are looking to join the RAF, you need to know what to expect at one of these centres. Read More


What was the Green Ramp Disaster?

Introduction The Green Ramp disaster was a 1994 mid-air collision and subsequent ground collision at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. It killed twenty-four members of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division preparing for an airborne operation. It was the worst peacetime loss of life suffered by the division since the end of World… Read More

What is the Britannia Award?

The Britannia Award is part of the Chief of Naval Air Training’s annual Aviation Awards programme. It is given to the Navy or Marine Corps student aviator graduate of the strike pipeline who demonstrates the highest overall weapons score and performance in the advanced phase of strike training. The Britannia Award, established in 1956 by… Read More

2nd Maritime Air Wing Formally Commissioned

A new Fleet Air Arm unit with a nod to the birth of naval aviation will provide the helicopter pilots of the future. 2nd Maritime Air Wing has been formally commissioned at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire to oversee the training of Naval, RAF and Army Air Corps helicopter pilots – turning men and women with… Read More

India Trial Aircraft Display System that Responds to Eye Movements

Pilots in India are trialling aircraft display systems that respond to eye movements and could let military pilots keep their hands on a plane’s controls more often while flying (Murthy, 2020). Modern aircraft have electronic displays that show the plane’s fuel level, geographical position or imaging system. Pilots can click the screen to the relevant… Read More

UK Military Flight Training System adds more H145 Helicopters

In the UK, Airbus Helicopters is to provide four additonal H145 helicopters as part of an expansion of the UK Military Flight Training System (UKMFTS). The new helicopters will join an existing fleet of 29 H135s and three H145s, known as JUNO and JUPITER (respectively) in the MFTS service. They will be delvierd during 2020.… Read More