UK MoD to have Autonomous Swarms of VTOL UAS to be Provided by Elbit Systems

We are taking a look at the use of the Elbit vertical take-off and landing systems. Read More


Technological Advancements that are Revolutionising the Military

Introduction The military has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. Items like duct tape, walkie-talkies, sanitary napkins, all got their start as tools for the military, and are now household items, or even toys. But sometimes technology likes to surprise you and offer a range of everyday tech that has found its uses… Read More

How Military Drones Have Evolved Over the Years

Introduction In the past decade, drones have become the must-have gadget for a growing number of households and businesses to monitor and track wildlife, shoot still images and videos, and capture live events in real-time. In the global military sector, however, they have been relied on for decades as the growth and development of unmanned… Read More

Killer Robots! Germany Crosses a Threshold

Until the 13 June 2018, Germany was the only big Western country not to buy “killer robots”. On this day the German Bundestag committee voted to approve the spending of nearly €1bn ($1.1bn) to lease from Israel five drones which can be equipped with deadly weapons. Unlike the US, Germany’s drones are described as weaponisable not weaponised. A… Read More