What was the Cost of the War in Afghanistan (UK)?

Introduction The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) states the cost for conventional forces in Afghanistan from 2001 to April 2022 was £22.833 billion. References FOI 2022/07895 dated 14 July 2022. Advertisements


Is there a Relationship between Oil Price & Military Expenditure in GCC Countries?

Research Paper Title Relationship between oil price volatility and military expenditures in GCC countries. Background Natural resource-rich countries transfer more sources to military expenditures due to extreme security concerns. As public revenues have declined due to the decline in oil prices, military expenditures have been cut in many countries. Nevertheless, this is not valid for… Read More

What is the Estimated Cost (in Real Terms) of the Difference in Total Defence Personnel Pay Expenditure per Annum between Pay 2000 & the NEM?

The New Employment Model (NEM) commenced on 01 April 2016 and it is estimated, that over the five years to 01 April 2021, there will be an additional £127.1 million of net investment in the pay bill, in real terms, above that of Pay 2000. Given the complexity of the pay bill, the profile of this… Read More

How Much Money Did the British Army Spend on Advertising in 2014?

The following information relates to the British Army’s ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ (MTMTE) recruiting campaign conducted between March 2014 and December 2014. Production and marketing costs for the MTMTE campaign included: Production: £500,000. Advertising: Television: £3,900,000. Print: £1,600. Cinema: £614,000. Online: £375,000. Reference FOI 2014/07567 dated 30 January 2015.

What is the Average Cost of Basic Training for Soldiers & Officers in the British Army?

The average cost of successful trainees in the training year 2014/2015 was: £116,000 per officer; and £37,000 per soldier. These figures are derived from a wide range of Phase One training courses and locations, which include the cost of: Pay, including permanent staff and trainees; Infrastructure costs such as utilities; and Non-cash items such as depreciation.… Read More

Argentina: A Tragedy Prompts New Thinking on the Armed Forces

Argentines have given up hope of finding alive the 44 crew aboard the ARA San Juan, the most modern of the navy’s three submarines, which disappeared on 15 November 2017. On 23 November 2017 the navy said an explosion had been detected in the area where the submarine is thought to have been. The apparent… Read More

Capita Misses Savings Targets for UK Armed Forces Recruitment

Capita, a FTSE 25 company and the outsourcing provider for UK armed forces recruitment, has been repeatedly missing government savings targets on its contract to recruit soldiers to the British army. Over the last six years, Capita has delivered just £2.73 million of savings against a Ministry of Defence target of £104.3 million. Reference Bond, D. (2018) UK… Read More