What are the Trade Supplement Placement (TSP) Scores for the 2016 New Employment Model (NEM)?

The Trade Supplement Placement (TSP) scores form part of the New Employment Model (NEM), which is part of the wider Armed Forces Pay Reform announced on 07 January 2016. The aim of the pay reform was to re-balance current pay resources to provide a simpler and more efficient core pay model, which would provide greater… Read More


What is the Estimated Cost (in Real Terms) of the Difference in Total Defence Personnel Pay Expenditure per Annum between Pay 2000 & the NEM?

The New Employment Model (NEM) commenced on 01 April 2016 and it is estimated, that over the five years to 01 April 2021, there will be an additional £127.1 million of net investment in the pay bill, in real terms, above that of Pay 2000. Given the complexity of the pay bill, the profile of this… Read More