What are the Trade Supplement Placement (TSP) Scores for the 2016 New Employment Model (NEM)?

The Trade Supplement Placement (TSP) scores form part of the New Employment Model (NEM), which is part of the wider Armed Forces Pay Reform announced on 07 January 2016.

The aim of the pay reform was to re-balance current pay resources to provide a simpler and more efficient core pay model, which would provide greater differentiation for other ranks (OR) personnel. The NEM applies to all ranks, both Regular and Reserve, up to an including OF-6 level officers (i.e. 1-star generals). However, it does not include those on bespoke pay spines.

Whilst no personnel will take a pay cut, due to pay protection being in place for three years, there was a review after the first year to consider whether it should be extended beyond the initial three year period.

You can read the TSP scores in Annex A and Job Evaluation in Annex B: FOI – Trade Supplement Placement Scores for the 2016 NEM.


FOI dated 05 February 2016.


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