Who was Geoffrey de Havilland?

Introduction Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, OM, CBE, AFC, RDI, FRAeS (27 July 1882 to 21 May 1965) was an English aviation pioneer and aerospace engineer. His Mosquito has been considered the most versatile warplane ever built, and his Comet was the first jet airliner to go into production. Early Life Born at Magdala House,… Read More


What is Diffused Lighting Camouflage?

Introduction Diffused lighting camouflage was a form of active camouflage using counter-illumination to enable a ship to match its background, the night sky, that was tested by the Royal Canadian Navy on corvettes during World War II. The principle was discovered by a Canadian professor, Edmund Godfrey Burr, in 1940. It attracted interest because it… Read More

What were the Yehudi Lights?

Introduction Yehudi lights are lamps of automatically controlled brightness placed on the front and leading edges of an aircraft to raise the aircraft’s luminance to the average brightness of the sky, a form of active camouflage using counter-illumination. They were designed to camouflage the aircraft by preventing it from appearing as a dark object against… Read More

What was the 1952 Luqa Avro Lancaster Crash?

Introduction The 1952 Luqa Avro Lancaster crash was a military aviation accident that occurred in Malta on 30 December 1952 when an Avro Lancaster bomber crashed shortly after takeoff from RAF Luqa into a residential area in Luqa. Three of the four crew members on board the aircraft and a civilian on the ground were… Read More

What was United Airlines Flight 736?

Introduction United Airlines Flight 736 was a daily transcontinental passenger flight in the United States operated by United Airlines. On 21 April 1958, the Douglas DC-7 serving the flight crashed in southern Nevada following a mid-air collision. The aircraft assigned to Flight 736, an airliner with 47 aboard (42 passengers, 5 crew), was flying at… Read More

What was the 1969 EC-121 Shootdown Incident?

Introduction On 15 April 1969, a United States Navy Lockheed EC-121M Warning Star of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One (VQ-1) on a reconnaissance mission was shot down by a North Korean MiG-21 aircraft over the Sea of Japan. The plane crashed 90 nautical miles (167 km) off the North Korean coast and all 31 Americans… Read More

What was the 1946 Rabat Vickers Wellington Crash?

Introduction The 1946 Rabat Vickers Wellington crash was a military aviation accident that occurred in Malta on 05 April 1946 when a Vickers Wellington bomber crashed during a training exercise in a residential area in Rabat. All four crew members on board the aircraft and 16 civilians on the ground were killed. The crash also… Read More