An Historic Evaluation of the RAAF’s Navigator Course (1990)

Research Paper Title

A Study to Evaluate the Syllabus of Training for the Royal Australian Air Force Navigator Course.


The primary aim of the thesis was to address a need for an independent evaluation of the RAAF Navigator Course which was expressed by staff officers in Air Force Office in early 1989. Although several occupational analyses have been completed on the RAAF Navigator Category, and informal
talks between School of Air Navigation (SAN) instructors regularly occur, an independent, a formal evaluation of the navigator course had never been carried out.


The study first reviewed the literature on education and training with emphasis on theory applicable to the design of instructional systems. The Instructional Systems Development (ISD) process, as used by the USAF for the development and design of training courses was then examined as a basis for evaluation of the RAAF Navigator Course. This required a comparison of RAAF and USAF training
philosophies to ensure that the ISD model was compatible with the aims of RAAF training and therefore suitable as a tool to evaluate the syllabus of training currently used for the RAAF Navigator Course.

Occupational Analysis data from a 1988 study of the RAAF Navigator Category, and the content and theoretical construct of the syllabus of training for the RAAF Navigator Course were then analysed on the basis of a four-step process based on the USAF ISD model. During the course of the study, an amendment to the flying training section of the syllabus was proposed by the RAAF School of Air Navigation which addressed some of the issues which had prompted the research. This amendment was therefore reviewed in conjunction with the existing syllabus.

Results and Conclusions

Overall, the course was found to meet its aim in providing graduates capable of performing the basic duties of a junior commissioned navigator in the RAAF as identified by the occupational analysis. However, some shortcomings in the syllabus, and therefore the course, were identified and recommendations based on these findings were proposed.


A Study to Evaluate the Syllabus of Training for the RAAF Navigator Course (Fogg, 1990)


Fogg, R.J. (1990) A Study to Evaluate the Syllabus of Training for the Royal Australian Air Force Navigator Course. Master’s Thesis. Presented to the Faculty of the School of Systems and Logistics of the Air Force Institute of Technology, Air University, United States Air Force. Wright-Patterson Air Force- Base,’ Ohio, USA.


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