What is the Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA)?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) finds and exploits innovations which support the defence and security of the UK faster and more effectively, and generate economic value for the UK. DASA aims to become the go-to place for government, private sector, third sector and academics to find solutions to defence and security problems and needs. History of DASA DASA… Read More


Technological Advances & Military Goals…

“As soon as technological advances may be applied to military goals, and furthermore are already used for military purposes, they almost immediately seem obligatory, and also often go against the will of the commanders in triggering changes or even revolutions in the modes of combat.” Frederich Engels (1820 to 1895) German socialist philosopher, and the… Read More

Do & Done becomes Get & Gotten…

“If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten.” Unknown but invariably accredited to (Quote Investigator, 2016): Henry Ford (?, Car Maker); Jessie Potter (1981, Educator and counsellor on family relationships and human sexuality); Dayle K. Maloney (1984, In a seminar ‘Secers of Selling); Cathy Bolger (1984, Counsellor); Dan… Read More

Relationships: Tactical Adaptation & Operational Performance

Research Paper Title Tactical Adaptation in Combined Arms Warfare. Abstract What is the true nature of tactical adaptation in combined arms warfare, and what is its relationship with operational performance? This analysis tests the hypothesis that wartime tactical adaptation delivers advantages that decisively cause operational victory or prevent operational defeat, and does not simply limit the costs of… Read More

The Future of Land Warfare: A Vision from 1993!

Research Paper Title Land Warfare in the 21st Century. Abstract The authors discuss the changes that are occurring in land warfare and where they are leading, as well as land warfare constants. They consider changes in the context within which war is fought, technological changes in the conduct of land combat, and continuities in the nature of warfare.… Read More

ADF: 7 Lessons in Leadership & Innovation

Dr Alex Zelinksy’s 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation documents the Chief Defence Scientist’s reflections on leadership development and the innovation space. The brochure was distributed as a companion document to Dr Zelinsky’s presentation of the Warren Centre’s 2013 Innovation Lecture. Download: 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation.