What is the Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA)?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) finds and exploits innovations which support the defence and security of the UK faster and more effectively, and generate economic value for the UK.

DASA aims to become the go-to place for government, private sector, third sector and academics to find solutions to defence and security problems and needs.

History of DASA

DASA was announced in the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 and is a key component of the Defence Innovation Initiative.

Hosted by DSTL with a cross-government remit, it is formed with personnel from MOD, DSTL and the Home Office with experience of working in government, academia, the Armed Forces and SMEs.

The aim of DASA is to be the vanguard for finding ways to innovate, and will role-model a new innovation culture across defence and security.

What is the Role of DASA?

The principal role of DASA is to find and exploit innovations which support the defence and security of the UK.

With access to the £800 million Defence Innovation Fund, DASA finds new opportunities through outreach, scouting, market intelligence and networks.

From an idea on a page through to ready to use products, technology or services, they provide government customers an end to end service.

What are the Priorities of DASA?

  • Build our networks and find innovative ideas.
  • Accelerate the development of solutions to real-world problems.
  • Maximise pathways to exploitation.


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