Performance: Practice Makes Better

Research Paper Title Effect of Practice on Performance and Pacing Strategies During an Exercise Circuit Involving Load Carriage. Background Pacing is critical for athletic endeavours, and the strategies used by athletes are often modified after practice. The importance of practice when completing occupational assessments has been established; however, the effect of load carriage and discrete… Read More

Relationships: Tactical Adaptation & Operational Performance

Research Paper Title Tactical Adaptation in Combined Arms Warfare. Abstract What is the true nature of tactical adaptation in combined arms warfare, and what is its relationship with operational performance? This analysis tests the hypothesis that wartime tactical adaptation delivers advantages that decisively cause operational victory or prevent operational defeat, and does not simply limit the costs of… Read More

Soldiering: Training & Practice

“This was what proper soldiering was about. Training men for war, and then, if need be, putting that training into practice.” (Scarrow, 2015, p.60). Reference Scarrow, S. (2015) Britannia. London: Headline Publishing Group.