Steve Jobs & (Military) Leader Development: Content versus Process

Article Title

Processing Leader Development.


“[Steve] Jobs will always be attached to Apple, a company whose products we adore. For Jobs, though, great products were not born from regulated, industry driven processes, but from the content of the product. Jobs was deeply concerned with a product’s ability to revolutionize society or change a way of life and not necessarily with the process to create it. In a 1996 interview he stated, “That’s what makes great products—it’s not process it’s content.”2 Fortunately, Steve Jobs did not write leader development doctrine for the Army. The Army appreciates the resultant product of leader development, but it also values the process involved to create the product. While many of the Army’s great leaders have blossomed on the battlefield without systematic development, there are doctrinal references that define leader development processes to enable holistic growth. This article argues that failure to follow a process in the operational domain leads to failures in leader development.”


Fukuzawa, M. (2016) Processing Leader Development. Small Wars Journal. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 04 September, 2016].


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