In Their Defence…

“In an word, a good officer realizes that his men will follow his judgment if they are convinced that he too is prepared to risk his life in their defense.” Richard A. Gabriel and Paul L. Savage. (1978) Crisis in Command: Mismanagement in the Army. Advertisements


Skill & Leadership…

“Beyond the requirement of a modern Army for technical skill in its people, there is the necessity for judgement and imagination – for leadership.” General Lyman L. Lemnitzer (1899 to 1988) Lyman Louis Lemnitzer was a United States Army General who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1960 to 1962. He… Read More

Fog of War: Natural or Self-Created?

“Errors of judgement there must be in war, and few would cavil at them, especially those due to the fog of war. But it is different when the fog is self-created by confused thought and limited study.” Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart (1895 to 1970) Commonly known throughout most of his career as Captain B.… Read More

Quantity & Measured versus Quality & Judged

“In fact, quality, not quantity, becomes the watchword. But quality must be judged, not measured.” (Bleecker, 1986, p.98). Reference Bleecker, S. (1986) Taking the Factory out of the Office. Computerworld: The Newsweekly for the Computer Community. XX(24), pp.95-104.

Military Officers: Confidence, Competence, Arrogance & Judgement

“Perhaps he had exceeded the measure of confidence that was innate to his nature. That was what ultimately separated the lesser officers from the best, Cato had come to learn. Confidence was the source of competence. Arrogance might also help a man, but it was a brittle quality and founded on delusion rather than good… Read More

Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom

Can you learn leadership? And what is wisdom? These are teasing questions for many of us so an article looking at both wisdom and leadership is almost irresistible. Mike Clayton says leaders need to be smart – they need to know how things work and how to get things done. They need to motivate their team,… Read More