Retain Judgement…

“There is a vast difference between men sitting in a comfortable office with their ordinary food, sleep, etc., and the man as he is often, half crazy, temporarily insane, in battle. There are many more of the latter than most of us like to believe or think about. Very few of them are normal on account of these various circumstances. It is the man who can retain his normalcy longest that is going to win out, whose judgement is not changed or injured by fatigue and by lack of sleep, or by nervousness as to whether or not he is going to be defeated ‐ which is perhaps more to him than life itself ‐ the man who retains his judgement through all these things is the man who is going to be the leader.”

Major General Hanson E. Ely in The US Army Infantry Journal, quoted in the US Infantry Association Journal. 1942, L(3).

Hanson Edward Ely (1867 to 1958) was a US Army officer who served in several conflicts, including the Spanish-American War and World War I, and he received the Distinguished Service Medal and numerous other awards for his role in them.


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