Details: Important or Not Important, That is the Question!

“The engines of bureaucracy are fuelled with minutiae.” Unknown Advertisements


Military Officers: Confidence, Competence, Arrogance & Judgement

“Perhaps he had exceeded the measure of confidence that was innate to his nature. That was what ultimately separated the lesser officers from the best, Cato had come to learn. Confidence was the source of competence. Arrogance might also help a man, but it was a brittle quality and founded on delusion rather than good… Read More

(Leadership) Fatigue Tends…

“Fatigue tends to be the fate of the ambitious, conscientious or the idealistic. It is really experienced by the astute, the lazy or the clever … who may go to considerable trouble to avoid the condition.” (Macksey, 1975, p.169-170). L’Etang, H. (1969) The Pathology of Leadership: A History of the Effects of Disease on 20th Century… Read More

Playing Managerial Roles in Military Operations

The military is not just another organisation, at least not all of it, all of the time. It is an organisation with at least two faces: One dealing with peacetime conditions and, hence, resembling an ‘ordinary organisation’; and One operating in ‘hot’ conditions, during crisis and peace operations or outright war (Soeters, in Wilderom and… Read More