The Varied Competencies of Military Nurse Managers

Research Paper Title

Competencies of military nurse managers: A scoping review and unifying framework.


Military nurse managers shoulder multiple responsibilities because of duality roles, and they should possess competencies that enable them to manage human and material resources during peacetime and wartime.

Therefore, nursing management within military context is demanding, such that a comprehensive understanding of their competencies is needed for effective military nursing management.

Although relevant studies have focused on different military branches and different levels of managers, there is no standard evaluation framework.

Therefore the aim of this study was to identify competencies of military nurse managers and develop a unifying framework of military nurse managers’ competencies.


It involved a scoping review of studies focusing on competencies of military nurse managers from seven databases was carried out.

Nine studies were included in this review.


A framework consisting of six domains of military nurse managers’ competencies was identified:

  1. Clinical expertise;
  2. Role model;
  3. Leadership competencies;
  4. Human competencies;
  5. Financial competencies; and
  6. Deployment competencies.


Existing knowledge of competencies of military nurse managers is limited, and a comprehensive understanding of this topic can provide direction for future work.

Military nurse managers play substantial roles within the military nursing context.

A unifying framework can facilitate personnel recruitment and competency measurement, as well as training protocol development.


Ma, H., Chihava, T.N., Fu, J., Zhang, S., Lei, L., Tan, J., Lin, L. & Luo, Y. (2020) Competencies of military nurse managers: A scoping review and unifying framework. Journal of Nursing Management. doi: 10.1111/jonm.13068. Online ahead of print.


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