Responsibility Calling…

“Making decisions, exercising command, managing, administering ‐ those are the dynamics of our calling. Responsibility is its core.” General Harold K. Johnson (1912 to 1983) Harold K. Johnson, in full Harold Keith Johnson, was a US Army officer who fought in World War II and the Korean War and who served as the Army Chief… Read More


Command & Control…

“Command and control of armed forces is an art, a creative activity based on character, ability, and mental power … Mission-oriented command and control is the first and foremost command and control principle in the army, of relevance in war even more than in peace. It affords the subordinate leader freedom of action in the… Read More

Control & Communication…

“Control presupposes that the leaders knows the location of all elements of his command at all times and can communicate with any element at any time.” General George C. Marshall (1880 to 1959) George Catlett Marshall was a General in the US Army, being Army Chief of Staff during World War II (1939-45) and later… Read More

What is the Situational Awareness Command & Control (SACC) Team?

The Situational Awareness Command and Control (SACC) Delivery Team, part of the ISTAR Operating Centre, is responsible for the procurement and in-service support of Airspace Battle Management (ABM) and Tactical Data Link (TDL) equipment and systems. The ABM portfolio includes: Support to fixed and deployable Air Command and Control (C2) systems, and a number of related data link… Read More

What is the Artillery Systems (ArtySys) Team?

The Artillery Systems (Arty Sys) Team, part of the Land Equipment Operating Centre, is responsible for Through Life Delivery and support of 15 projects, both in-service and procurement, from sensor to shooter. The team is grouped into: Surveillance & Target Acquisition Systems: responsible for the Acoustic Sound ranging Programme (ASP), Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR), Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar (MAMBA)… Read More

Using Business Intelligence to Move the Limits of Military Experience

Abstract Past experience is important as an aid for making good decisions, both for planning and conduct of military operations. But today’s methods for gathering experience have substantial limitations. Assume that a large number of common operational pictures (COPs) from a given command and control information system (C2IS) are saved in a database. By using new in-memory technology originally… Read More

Command & Control (C2) and Team Leadership Values

Abstract The application of values in defining team leadership is helping to determine the required interpersonal abilities, skills and behaviours of future leaders. These reasons have led researchers to study the group dynamics of work teams and to further investigate the building blocks that would help to sustain effective work teams. This paper examines the concept of team leadership values, and… Read More