(Military) Management Education & the Challenges for Staff Development

Research Paper Title

Management Education and Challenges for Staff Development.


The way in which information is shared and managed in the current information society has changed. Managers find it a complex task to deal effectively with the information and communication technology in the digital work environment. Yet they play an important role in effectively implementing changed ways of working and coaching their staff in this regard.

In order to obtain insight in the experiences of middle managers with their digital work environment a case study was conducted in the Netherlands defence organisation by means of a combination of in-depth interviews and a questionnaire.

Research results suggest that it is necessary to reconsider the curricula of management education. A number of Information Society competencies for managers could be practiced across the curriculum in an e-learning environment. The implications thereof for staff development are considered.


Management Education & Challenges for Staff Development (Broos, 2009)


Broos, E. (2009) Management Education and Challenges for Staff Development. Proceedings
Defence Academies and Colleges 2009 International Conference. Network Centric Learning: Towards Authentic ePractices. 25th – 27th March 2009, p.11-22.


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